Chuppah Ketubah
with Hebrew or Hebrew/English border
and matching wedding invitation

by Peggy H. Davis

Standard Color Choices
Color Choices for Khupe Ketubah

Because it is impossible to accurately display the printed colors on screen, please click here to request a sampler of available colors printed on the actual paper.

Chuppah Invitation with Hebrew border

A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah

Matching Khupe Invitation

Matching invitation

matching Chuppah invitation

Matching invitation

Khupe invitation with Hebrew/English border
Hebrew/English border

This Custom-Print Ketubah is based on an original papercut ketubah that Peggy created. When ordered with both Hebrew and English texts the texts are divided diagonally and wrapped around the central chuppah image. It is also available with a single language text. The border is available both with only Hebrew phrases from the Song of Songs (above), or with an added English translation (below). Since this ketubah is customizable, it is available with your choice of phrases in the border and above the chuppah, various colors for the design elements, and of course, your choice of texts. Standard paper size 17" x 19".

Because it is impossible to accurately display the printed colors on screen, please email Peggy, with your complete postal address, to request a sampler of available colors.

Prices--Hebrew, English or both:

  • With our standard texts: $300

  • Custom Hebrew text: add $100

  • With custom border texts: add $75

  • As a true papercut, hand-cut by Peggy: add $500. This option is printed on Arches 90# hot-press rag paper. When you frame the ketubah, you will choose a mat color to back it, which will show through the cut spaces.

This is another of the colors available with border texts in both Hebrew and English. Standard paper size 17" x 22".

chuppah ketubah with Hebrew/English border

Khupe ketubah with Hebrew border
hebrew only border

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