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mezuzot by peggy davis with phrase, 'veshinantom levonekho'

Classroom Mezuzah Kits

Your class can now create mezuzah case like the ones I make. Shown here is a kit containing 10 clear, hard plastic tubes, 20 end caps, and the double-sided adhesive I use to affix them to a doorpost. There are more than 10 acid-free papers in the package with the letter "shin", some otherwise blank and some with star- or menorah-inspired designs. They can make a collage, their own drawing, or color a design. The paper is then lightly rolled, design side out, inserted in the tube. Add the caps, a 2" length of adhesive along the back, and it is ready to be mounted on a doorpost.

Ten-Set Kit: 15.00 plus shipping

I'll be glad to assemble a kit for the exact number of students you have, cost is $1.50 for each student, plus shipping.


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