About the Artist

Peggy H. Davis

Peggy H. Davis draws inspiration from traditional texts, old Hebrew manuscripts and Jewish folk art for her varied work, which celebrates Jewish ritual and ceremonial life in home and synagogue. Her commissioned work includes ketubot, invitations, chuppot, recognition awards, and baby-naming art. She is always ready to work on new projects, meeting with clients in person or by mail. She uses watercolor, papercutting, colored pencil, pastel and other media in her work.

Peggy's introduction to Hebrew calligraphy was in Jerusalem; she later studied with Ismar David in New York and with many teachers of English calligraphy. She began lettering in 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to Massachusetts in 1988. Her studio is in an old farmhouse in the rural town of Colrain, where customers are welcome to visit.

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