Jerusalem Oval Papercut
Custom Ketubah

Design and Lettering by Peggy H. Davis

Jerusalem Oval Paperctu Ketubah

The oval is a graceful shape and this one is inspired by the antique community wedding rings from Italy that Peggy saw in the Jewish Museum. Instead of the single house or castle used in the rings, they are represented by Jerusalem. The circular vignettes in the floral border represent concepts the bride and groom wanted to include in the ketubah. Once the art was painted, sections were cut out of the paper to create a lace-like design. The matboard chosen by the couple to be framed behind the art then shows through the cut areas.

Please note: This illustration is from a photograph of the ketuba taken with uneven lighting and the colors are not faithful reproductions of the original. The colors are brighter and the paper is a smooth white color.

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