Sand and Stars Baby-Naming Print

by Peggy H. Davis

Order Form

[baby naming certificate]

To order, please print and mail or e-mail this form. If mailed, send payment with the form. If e-mailed, include phone number and we will call for credit card payment

Peggy H. Davis Calligraphy
389 Adamsville Rd
Colrain, MA 01340

Phone: 413-624-3204

This print is dark blue on white 100% rag paper, 16 x 13". Each print has space for the child's Hebrew name in Hebrew lettering and in English transliteration, date of birth and additional text in English, if desired. An example of the use of this additional space (the space before "Just as you...") follows:

...let her name be called in Israel Rachel Chanah bat Ya'akov v'Miriam
in memory of her grandmothers Rachel Replansky and Chanah Cohen.

A more customizable version of this print has a typeset text and is printed per order. This is an option when the wording for the parent/s is different, more room is needed for the dedication message, etc. Indicate on the form if you wish to use this option.

The 80.00 charge for this print includes the filled-in lettering. Add 10.00 for shipping.
In white acid-free mat and clear envelope:105.00 + 15.00 shpg.
Framed with same mat & dark blue metal frame: 155.00 + 20 shipping; allow 3 weeks for delivery. Gift-wrapped with "Mazel Tov" gift card with your message: 4.00.

Baby's Hebrew name (include parent/s name/s)


Date of birth ____________________After sunset?__________Hebrew date ________________ (I can look it up)

Additional text ____________________________________________________________________


If you have a preferred Hebrew or Yiddish spelling, be sure to fill in the blank with Hebrew letters. Otherwise I will use standard Hebrew and Yiddish spellings.

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