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Welcome to the Ba'al T'file's Blog, occasional musings, notes, and mp3 files of music for the synagogue and other occasions. Please click on the links to the individual posts:

# 1 April-May, 2010: Why I became a ba'al t'file

#2 -- June/July 2010: Shabbos Music

#3 a Badkhan's Blog and Music for the High Holy Days (a work in progress)

#4 KlezmerQuerque and the Shabbos Morning Nusakh Learning Service

#5 More Shabbos Morning Learning Service

I sing for services at Temple Israel in Athol as well as at Temple Israel in Greenfield every Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur. I often lead part of the service at Shabbatons at both Temples and occasionally at other synagogues I visit when I'm traveling. I also sing, as well as write Yiddish songs with the Wholesale Klezmer Band, and print ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts) for my wife, Calligrapher Peggy Davis. Please visit our website, which is

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Zayt gezunt (be healthy),