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Peggy H. Davis

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Peggy H. Davis draws inspiration from traditional texts, old Hebrew manuscripts and Jewish folk art for her varied work, which celebrates Jewish ritual and ceremonial life in home and synagogue. Her commissioned work includes ketubot, invitations, chuppot, recognition awards, and baby-naming art. She is always ready to work on new projects, meeting with clients in person or by mail. She uses watercolor, papercutting, colored pencil, pastel and other media in her work.

Peggy's introduction to Hebrew calligraphy was in Jerusalem; she later studied with Ismar David in New York and with many teachers of English calligraphy. She began lettering in 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to Massachusetts in 1988. Her studio is in an old farmhouse in the rural town of Colrain, where customers are welcome to visit.

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The Ketubah,
The Jewish Marriage Contract

Your ketubah is an important part of your wedding ceremony. A hand-lettered and decorated ketubah will enhance your celebration and remain as a work of art to display in your home.

Peggy H. Davis has been creating unique ketubot since 1980. They range in style from classic to contemporary and include a variety of techniques and materials. They are done on rag paper or parchment and may use watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, gold leaf or papercutting in their border designs. The text is that of your choice, in any combination of Hebrew, English, Yiddish or Russian.

For more information about custom designed, printed, and Peggy's new custom printed ketubot, please see our ketuba page.

Arch of Trees Ketubah by Peggy Davis


Meaningful Invitations for Weddings and Bar/Bas Mitzve

Peggy H. Davis designs and hand letters invitations that celebrate the Jewish themes of Jewish celebrations. She will often incorporate themes from the Song of Songs, traditional Jewish wedding symbols, or images that also appear in the couple's ketubah for wedding invitations. Lines from the Torah portion of the week or related to a name can be the focus of the design for bar and bas mitzve invitations. Please see the invitation album for some examples.

Birth Announcement by Peggy Davis

Birth Announcements

Peggy also designs birth announcements and thank you cards to go with them incorporating Jewish themes. See samples in the Birth Announcement album.


Fine Art Prints

by Peggy H. Davis

Jerusalem Hills is a limited edition microcalligraphy print containing verses from Psalms which mention Jerusalem or mountains. The words create the landscape looking towards the Dead Sea from Jerusalem. (If you've visited this page before, please have another look--we've put new scans of these prints here on Sunday, January 9, 2000.)

[Afikomen wrapper]

Gifts of Meaning

by Peggy H. Davis

Gifts of meaning for friends, family and especially for teachers are a Peggy H. Davis specialty. From afikomen wrappers for Passover to mezuzot to prints and original art commemorating life cycle events, gifts from Peggy H. Davis combine the calligraphic art with tradition.

Synagogue ark by Mark Leue with Peggy's lettering

Synagogue Art

by Peggy H. Davis

Peggy Davis creates and collaborates on art for synagogues and other institutions. This has included decoration and lettering for arks, decorative lettering on walls, and recognition pieces for donors.

Synagogue Donor Plaque by Peggy Davis

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