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Dear Teachers and Students of Yiddish,

Just in time for my (and your) Yiddish classes to begin for the fall of 2013, I have completed a set of interactive Flashcards for learning to read Yiddish with Hebrew letters. They have hidden translation and meaning hints that show themselves when you move your cursor over the Hint buttons, and you can hear the letter and its sound or the word pronounced when you click the speaker button.

The cards can be made to show either the traditional Hebrew alphabet (shown here) or the YIVO system (in which 3 letters appear differently). All the vowels are introduced first and then the other letters with words using those letters following each letter as they are introduced. There are 211 letter and word cards in all.

Download the Demo, Free!

Let me know what you think of Yiddish Interactive Flashcards.

You will need Adobe Reader (free download) running on a Windows PC or a Mac to operate the interactive features. Ipads and Ipods are not yet able to run interactive pdf files.

The Complete Set Is Now Available!

Suggested Price: $10
Download the file as soon as you complete your purchase.

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After you make your purchase, please be sure to save the download page and the downloaded file to your hard drive so that you can restore the file if it gets damaged or erased.
If you lose the file, email Yosl and he will verify your purchase and send you the link again.

Please tell your colleagues, your friends and your students about Yiddish Interactive Flashcards.

A request from the author:

Rona Khaye says: It's amazing! I printed out everything, 200 plus pages, and had fun trying to sound out and guess the words as they were spewing from the printer. I will have Staples punch 3-holes for a binder.
Your work is so thorough.

I created Yiddish Interactive Flashcards to help my students learn to read Yiddish literature in the original, which will enable them to have access to a much larger body of Yiddish texts than are available in transliteration.The price on the set is low in an effort to make it available to everyone who can benefit from it. You can help me be paid for the time I spent creating it by letting others know about the cards.

Feel free to put Yiddish Interactive Flashcards on any computers in your household, but please do not pass the file on to anyone else. If you know someone who truly cannot afford to purchase a set for themselves, ask them to email to request a copy from me.

If you have trouble downloading the file after making your payment, email me and I will try another method of getting the file to you.

A sheynem dank un zayt gezunt (Thank you and be healthy),

Yosl Kurland