Ketubah: "Yemenite"
a Custom Print Ketubah by Peggy H. Davis

Yemenite Custom Print Ketuba - blue border

A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah

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This ketubah is shown above with a single language text, but it can also be used for a two language text as shown below. You may order it with the text(s) of your choice, in Roman, Hebrew or Cyrillic alphabets.. Border colors available are deep blue (above) and burgundy (below)). Please scroll down to see additional variations.

Printed with text of your choice on 100% cotton rag paper with archival inkjet inks.

Yemenite Custom Print Ketuba - burgundy border

Two language side by side text.

Another variation of this design is a vertical format shown below:

Yemenite Custom Print Ketuba - vertical burgundy border

Yemenite Ketubah vertical format.

Above: Burgundy striping with three language wraparound text.

Below: Deep Blue striping with Hebrew over English two language text.
Yemenite Custom Print Ketuba - vertical blue border

Customer Information
Texts &
Order Form

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